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ShinyCMS Features

MJML email templates

All of the emails generated by ShinyCMS are templated using MJML - a simple markup language that gets converted into responsive HTML email markup at the time of sending.

The key advantage of using MJML is that the generated HTML is tailored according to the recipient's email address, compensating for known differences in HTML email rendering on some of the most popular webmail sites and email apps:
* Gmail (Android, iPhone, and website) * Outlook (Android, iPhone, and website) and Outlook 365 * Android (default email client) * Apple Mail (OS X and iOS) * AOL Mail * Yahoo Mail

More information

You can read more about MJML on the MJML website.

The MJML website also has some example templates, although unfortunately the licensing on them is not clear.

ShinyCMS uses the mjml-rails gem to generate HTML emails from MJML markup, which in turn uses the Node MJML parser, so you'll also need to install that. In dev this is handled by yarn install, but on Heroku it means adding another buildpack - see the gem docs for helpful instructions.