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ShinyCMS Developer Documentation

Supporting code: controller concerns

There are several controller concerns provided with ShinyCMS. As with well as DRYing up common features, I hope these will make it easier for other developers to build new features that [work similarly][Why does this matter?] to the existing features (from both a user and developer perspective).

In the core plugin

For main site controllers (or both)

  • ShinyCMS::FeatureFlags

    • Provides the enforce_feature_flags method used in any controller which implements feature-flagged functionality
  • ShinyCMS::Paging

    • Includes Pagy::Backend, and provides a couple of helper methods for getting items-per-page values from params or defaults from settings
    • May well become obsolete once Pagy's items extra is integrated - if the supporting methods go, it would be clearer to include Pagy::Backend directly in the controllers
  • ShinyCMS::PasswordReportAction

    • Provides the password_report action, which can be mixed into any controller to provide a JSON endpoint for obtaining password reports containing complexity scores and advice (powered by zxcvbn)
  • ShinyCMS::Votes

    • Provides url_param_to_class_name method, which reverses name_to_url_param from the ShinyCMS::HasVotes model concern.

For admin controllers only

  • ShinyCMS::Admin::Discussions

    • Provides methods for dealing with the show/hide flags for discussions when editing a related resource
    • (This seems like poor separation of concerns - and it'll be even worse when Discussions gets its own plugin)
  • ShinyCMS::Admin::Posts

    • Provides methods to handle attempts to set an author other than the logged-in user for e.g. a News Post (a capability controlled by the Pundit ACL)
  • ShinyCMS::Admin::Sorting

    • Provides methods to help implement the drag-to-sort feature
  • ShinyCMS::Admin::Tags

    • Provides a method to render tags or hidden tags (into the tag_list field on the edit page) depending on the show/hide status of the resource being edited