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ShinyCMS Developer Documentation

Supporting code: model concerns

In the core plugin

  • CanHide - check or change visible/hidden status of content
  • HasEmail - sets/searches/validates canonical_email as well as email
  • HasPublicName - .name method - returns public_name if set, internal_name otherwise
  • HasReadableName - get a human-readable (and optionally, localised) version of model's class name
  • HasTags - pulls in ActsAsTaggableOn and adds helper methods to hide tags on hidden content
  • HasTeaser - generate a 'teaser' from first N paragraphs of a longer post
  • HasToken - common behaviour for models with UUID token attributes
  • HasVotes - pulls in ActsAsVotable, plus method to get URL-safe class name
  • SoftDelete - adds soft delete (from acts_as_paranoid gem)

  • HasSlug - for models with a slug attribute (usually for URLs)

  • HasSlugUniqueInMonth - slug is only unique within a month (includes HasSlug)
  • HasSlugUniqueInSection - slug is only unique within a section (includes HasSlug)

  • ProvidesDemoSiteData - for models that may provide data for the demo site

  • ProvidesSitemapData - for models that may provide data for the sitemap

  • Post - common behaviour for 'posts' (e.g. ShinyBlog::Post, ShinyNews::Post) (includes CanHide, HasReadableName, HasSlugUniqueInMonth, HasTags, HasTeaser, HasVotes, and SoftDelete)

Templates and templated content

  • Template - common attributes and behaviour for any kind of layout template
  • HTMLTemplate - HTML-based layout templates (e.g. ShinyPages::Template) (includes Template)
  • MJMLTemplate - MJML-based layout templates (e.g. ShinyNewsletters::Template) (includes Template)

  • HasTemplate - content that has its layout defined by a template (e.g. ShinyPages::Page, ShinyNewsletters::Edition)

  • Element - common behaviour for elements of templates and templated content

  • TemplateElement - elements of a layout template (e.g. ShinyPages::TemplateElement, ShinyNewsletters::TemplateElement) (includes Element)

In feature plugins

  • ShinySearch::Searchable - for models that want to be discoverable by the search feature