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ShinyCMS Documentation


An incomplete list of people who have helped, directly or indirectly, with the creation of this software.

  • Eliot Sykes (@esykes), for extensive advice on too many parts of the system to name, plus generally making me a better Ruby developer over the last few years. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a coach for new or new-to-Ruby developers.

  • aj (@ajkln) of HTML5 UP for the Halcyonic theme that the demo site uses, and the Coming Soon theme that is also included. All the great design in both themes is entirely aj's work (any errors will doubtless be mine, introduced as I cut the original HTML up to make view templates).

  • Luigi (@007lva) for code quality improvements, as well as various helpful issue reports over the length of the project so far.

  • Maximo (@maxvlc) for reporting early issues with running the demo site.

  • Michael Snook (@michaelsnook) and Ed Saperia (@edsaperia), for numerous contributions to the brainstorming around mailing lists and related features.

  • List of English language acronyms adapted from

  • Everybody who contributed code, thinking, bug reports, and feature requests to the original ShinyCMS.